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With Virtuzone guiding you through a hassle-free business setup, you can enjoy 0% income tax and get the opportunity to optimise your taxes while enjoying greater financial freedom.

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Think Dubai - Tax-free income and easy company setup

With the UK’s higher corporate tax rate, now is the perfect time to consider launching your business in Dubai, where you can enjoy 0% tax on your personal income and benefit from a low 9% corporate tax rate – which is only applicable to companies generating revenues from GBP 80,502.12.

Businesses generating revenues below that amount will be subject to a 0% corporate tax rate.

No Personal Tax

The UAE is one of the few countries that does not tax the personal income of its residents and citizens. This significant tax advantage allows you to receive 100% of your income, say goodbye to tax deductions, and greatly improve your financial independence and stability.

Remit Full Profits to UK

As a foreign business owner in the UAE, you can remit 100% of your capital and profits to your home country, unlike in other regional business hubs that require expat entrepreneurs to keep a major percentage of their earnings within the country.

100% Company Control

Foreign entrepreneurs in the UAE can now enjoy 100% company ownership in the mainland, thanks to the amended UAE Commercial Companies Law. Previously, foreign entrepreneurs had to partner with a local sponsor to form a mainland company, and if they wished to have 100% ownership of their company, they had to set it up in a free zone.

Dubai's Growth Opportunities

With the highest foreign direct investment inflows in the Arab region, the UAE offers plenty of lucrative business opportunities in diverse sectors, including trade, retail, logistics, banking and financial services, tech, tourism, hospitality, real estate and manufacturing.

Superior Quality of Life

As a resident in Dubai, you can enjoy a superb quality of life, benefit from easily accessible and high-quality healthcare, and have peace of mind that you’re living in one of the safest countries in the world. You can also easily sponsor the visas of your family and dependents, ensuring they enjoy the same excellent quality of life as you.

Double Taxation Protection

As a UAE resident, you can protect yourself or your company from double taxation and benefit from more than 140 Double Taxation Agreements that the UAE has concluded with its global trade partners.

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Why Virtuzone

Since 2009, we have helped more than 70,000 entrepreneurs from 180 countries to establish their businesses in the UAE.

As the UAE’s leading company formation specialists and an award-winning corporate service provider, we will help you seamlessly navigate the complexities of company formation in Dubai and enable you to maximise the unbeatable benefits of doing business in the country.

End-to-End Corporate Services

We are a one-stop shop for all your trade license, visa and corporate service needs.

Government Partnerships

Our extensive partnership network includes key business relationships with the Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Commerce, Dubai FDI and Dubai Future Foundation.

24/7 Customer Support

We offer round-the-clock customer support via email, call, WhatsApp and LiveChat.

200+ Team Members

We have more than 150 staff members speaking 40 languages ready to assist with your business setup, visa, accounting, tax and other corporate service requirements.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Our clients benefit from the expert assistance of a Relationship Manager, ensuring a streamlined communication process and focused client support.

Fast-tracked Process

With the addition of the newest technologies, applications and AI-assisted tools, we have significantly reduced our turnaround times, eliminated inefficiencies and enhanced the delivery of our services.

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