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The UAE Banking Challenge

The Virtuzone Solution

Virtuzone is the only corporate services provider in the industry offering a
money-back guarantee on bank account opening services.

Our team of banking specialists will evaluate your profile, help you collect the necessary documents, choose the banking option that meets your needs and successfully complete compliance procedures in the shortest possible time. We work with proven representatives of banks focused on genuine results.

Last year, we successfully opened more than 1,000 bank accounts for our clients.

Partner banks

What does the bank pay attention to when opening an account?

Business account

Reputable free zones and mainland entities are always a priority for the bank.

Certain activities such as general trading, trading in gold, and oil products automatically classify you as a risky client and narrow down your choices of potential banks.

The presence of a verified source of income for the shareholder – an account statement with payroll or a statement from a foreign business account – is the basis for opening an account.

When opening a business account, you will need to describe your company’s nature of work and indicate your list of potential suppliers and customers. Banks check how clean and trustworthy these companies are.

Based on your prospective turnover, the bank will identify whether you qualify for SME or Corporate Banking. Apart from that, it’s important to highlight that most traditional banks have requirements for maintaining a minimal account balance, which usually starts from AED 50,000.

Personal account

Before opening a personal account, it is mandatory to apply for a UAE resident visa.

Holders of passports of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine currently do not qualify for non-resident accounts.

To open a personal account, applicants with a work visa do not need to demonstrate a source of income and it is enough to present a salary certificate.

On the other hand, holders of a partner visa must show proof of source of income.

Some nationalities must comply with additional requirements for their source of income and local address.

Our Solutions

Opening business accounts - from 2 weeks

Turnkey support: choosing the best bank, preparing the documents, drafting a company profile, holding a meeting with a banker, and handling questions from compliance

Opening personal accounts - from 2 days

Current, savings, payroll and investment accounts

Personal accounts for non-residents – from 2 weeks

Savings accounts for real estate owners & foreign investors

Get Guaranteed Results on Time with Our Bank Account Opening Assistance

Did you know?

Expert team

Our company's main asset: A professional team with extensive experience in business organization, law and economics

Wide partner network

Trusted partnerships: We work with top banks, audit firms, lawyers, and accredited registration authorities.

One-stop-shop approach

All-in-one business support: We provide everything your project needs without the hassle of searching for multiple partners.

Why Virtuzone?

Established in 2009, Virtuzone is the UAE’s leading and most trusted company formation specialists. Since our inception, we have enabled more than 70,000 entrepreneurs from 180 countries to set up their business in the UAE.

When you choose Virtuzone, you benefit from:

Join 75,000+ happy customers

Make sure you hire the best in the business for your business setup in Dubai. With Virtuzone, you will fast-track your path to business success.

Terms and conditions:

This offer is valid until the end of June 2023 only. The money-back guarantee is available only to new bank account opening applications made through this offer. Existing bank account opening applications will not be considered eligible for the money-back guarantee.